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Unknown. At this point at least. I haven’t had a chance to try. I doubt it. If anything, I’m bi. I love my men too much, but maybe I also love my women? I got hit on hard tonight by the most beautiful androgynous woman I’ve ever seen. As soon as she walked into the […]

I like curve. I like a cock that hits my g-spot and I don’t care if it ever touches my clit. I’d think a 4 incher could do that fine. Sometimes I like to feel full. Short and thick is great for that. Sometimes I want deep. Clearly, longer is better on that one. But there’s tons of different ways to make one man’s cock fill all those different needs.

All I can think about right now is being beaten. I want nothing more. Naked, tied to a bed. Blindfolded and bent over. Spanked red. Pulled taught between the bedposts and teased. Oh, the teasing. I don’t care what’s used, a finger, a tongue, a toy, a knife. Just tease me until I’m begging you […]

Homeboy and I had a date the other night. Simple- an impromptu dinner at a local cafe followed by a light drink at my new apartment. We sat on my bed, sipping our drinks, listening to music and chatting about the upcoming semester. Then we’re laying down,  watching TV and laughing out loud. Before I […]

It’s been one week since I left him and my sanctuary in NYC, returning home to the hot, humid, and hellish Miami. I’ve been horny as ever with virtually no relief. Self touch is only marginally enjoyable after a summer of another’s touch, especially a touch that gives me chills and hot flashes simultaneously and […]

My need for abuse is mounting. I have a beer in me and I’m well rested and the combination makes my skin tingle with sensitivity and anticipation. We have a few fingers of ginger in the fridge which have had me on edge since I bought them. My previous experience with ginger (which I thought […]

I have a new toy, and I may never leave the bedroom again. It was a birthday present and quite clearly a perfect one. The rosebud caught my eye in my first pass through Babeland and tormented me with thoughts of it making itself a new home in my toy box until I finally walked […]

I answered an ad I found on Craigslist in the W4W section. Natalie’s been training as a domme and is looking for a girl to practice on. I think I might be that girl. I’m excited and thrilled and scared as hell. First are the traditional scares for my safety; is she going to murder […]

bed wetting.


It’s been suggested that I ask my readers for help regarding a specific and important issue: What to do about female ejaculation. Most of you know by now that I’m not one of those girls that can’t come. In fact, it’s never been a problem for me. All I need is the tiniest bit of […]

He beats me when he’s sober too, but it’s even more convincing when he’s drunk. He gets sloppy and impulsive when he’s been drinking and he puts less thought into my torture.  He’s not as delicate and he cares less about how much I’m enjoying his smacks. He’s rough and selfish and makes no attempt […]