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I’ve been fired. Or dumped. Whatever you want to call it, it happened to me. And I don’t care in the least, or at least only for purely selfish reasons. The boy in question: Homeboy. I know, I know. It’s sad and the end of an era, but I saw it coming. He told me […]

I love sucking Homeboy’s dick. He’s perfectly shaped — not too thick or thin and not too long or short. It fits perfectly in my mouth, my lips flush against his abdoment. And he responds perfectly. He moans on cue and entwines my hair in his fingers. Every time I whip my tongue, he shudders […]

Homeboy and I had a date the other night. Simple- an impromptu dinner at a local cafe followed by a light drink at my new apartment. We sat on my bed, sipping our drinks, listening to music and chatting about the upcoming semester. Then we’re laying down,  watching TV and laughing out loud. Before I […]

Ever since Homeboy and I parted ways for the summer we’ve taken up cybering. It’s more like we write erotica for each other while the other masturbates. He’s got a webcam and I don’t, so our conversations are speckled with photos of him displaying his cock or showing off the globs of cum that line […]

choked up.


There’s something wildly arousing about an empty room. Bare walls, bare mattress, empty drawers and empty counter-tops. Homeboy and I fucked on a sleeping bag topped with a towel so that he had somewhere to sleep after I left. He’d left his ropes and condoms unpacked, knowing full well that we’d need them before he […]

locks of lust.


I’m a huge insomniac, but when someone runs their fingers through my hair it puts me straight to sleep. When I rest my head on someone’s warm bare chest and then cradle my head in their hands, it takes only minutes for me to slip into dreamland. I’ve taken all the sleep aids, most which […]

admission #2.


I’m a little fuzzy right now. I’m not sure how I’m going to handle not having Homeboy so conveniently located nearby. I feel a bit like Frank-n-furter from The Rocky Horror Picture Show — I’ve built my sex toy, tailored everything to how I like it, trained him how to touch and talk to me, […]

night terrors.


It’s 2am and I’m still dressed, laying on my bed, checking my e-mail and waiting for exhaustion to sink in. I have my headphones on so I don’t hear the door creak open, but I look up in time to see him closing it behind him. He kicks off his sandals and rips off his […]

warm and wet.


Homeboy and I argued last night about which was louder: my screams or the smacks on my ass that caused them. I swore it was me; I just can’t resist being hogtied and blindfolded and feeling his cock slowly make its way past my lower lips. The two of us were in a bubble. In […]

second chances.


I’d forgotten how well he gave head. He pushed me down onto his bed and traced his fingers around the edges of my panties. Slipped a finger under and pulled it out, just to tease me.He rubbed his thumb over my cunt, through the thin silken fabric, and let me buck my hips just once […]