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All I can think about right now is being beaten. I want nothing more. Naked, tied to a bed. Blindfolded and bent over. Spanked red. Pulled taught between the bedposts and teased. Oh, the teasing. I don’t care what’s used, a finger, a tongue, a toy, a knife. Just tease me until I’m begging you […]

My computer is sitting in pieces on a friend’s couch, where it has been for the last two weeks. It’s a horrible excuse for neglecting you readers, but it’s the only one I have. Hopefully I’ll get it back this week, but in the meantime, GorgeousSexyVixen has been nice enough to lend me a keyboard […]

Ever since Homeboy and I parted ways for the summer we’ve taken up cybering. It’s more like we write erotica for each other while the other masturbates. He’s got a webcam and I don’t, so our conversations are speckled with photos of him displaying his cock or showing off the globs of cum that line […]

If you missed part 1… He picks up the blade and starts running it across my stomach. I hold still, trying not to flinch. Trying not to get so overwhelmed by the insanity and fear that I jolt and cut myself. He asks about my unresponsiveness and I can’t reply. He asks if I like […]

I’m missing him A LOT. But I swore I wouldn’t bother him and I intend to keep my word. All I can do is fantasize… solidify my inklings of imagination and desire and pretend he’s here with me. Maybe he’ll even read this. Maybe he’ll like it. I really hope so. … I’m tied to […]