In keeping with the internet slut tradition, I’m compiling a list of toys and props that help push me over the edge. Your suggestions and input is always welcome.

Venus Penis

Toys are better when they’re gifts from lovers. This is one that I’d never have bought for myself, but I was so pleased to find it in my mailbox one evening. It’s silent and with a wireless remote, it’s an incredibly covert toy for submission play. I spent an afternoon on his couch in his living room while he teased me and no one was the wiser. It’s also great for grinding up on by myself when I want a steady stream of orgasms. Guaranteed to get me wet. And the anal stimulation rocks my world.

G-spot vibe

It’s just a simple g-spot vibrator, but it makes me come fast and hard. Mine’s hot pink. Every time I think about switching it out for a new one, I rub it’s rounded tip against the inside of my cunt and lay back as I ride out a wave of pleasure. I’ve had it for years and it’s never failed. I only wish it were waterproof.

Mini Key-chain Vibrator

Another gift from another lover. I was skeptical at first, but the vibration on this thing is out of this world. Don’t let it’s small size deceive you! Great clitoral orgasms with the turn of the switch. Lots of different speeds and strong enough to make me come, even through the fabric of my panties.

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