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Sex with him is fucking fantastic. We got frisky the other night. He got creative. He fucked me stupid. But first he took pictures of me. Or, first he tied me to the corners of his bed loft and then he took pictures of me. It was one of the hottest things we’ve ever done, […]

choked up.


There’s something wildly arousing about an empty room. Bare walls, bare mattress, empty drawers and empty counter-tops. Homeboy and I fucked on a sleeping bag topped with a towel so that he had somewhere to sleep after I left. He’d left his ropes and condoms unpacked, knowing full well that we’d need them before he […]

If you missed part 1… He picks up the blade and starts running it across my stomach. I hold still, trying not to flinch. Trying not to get so overwhelmed by the insanity and fear that I jolt and cut myself. He asks about my unresponsiveness and I can’t reply. He asks if I like […]

night terrors.


It’s 2am and I’m still dressed, laying on my bed, checking my e-mail and waiting for exhaustion to sink in. I have my headphones on so I don’t hear the door creak open, but I look up in time to see him closing it behind him. He kicks off his sandals and rips off his […]

warm and wet.


Homeboy and I argued last night about which was louder: my screams or the smacks on my ass that caused them. I swore it was me; I just can’t resist being hogtied and blindfolded and feeling his cock slowly make its way past my lower lips. The two of us were in a bubble. In […]

He met me at the corner and carried my bag up the four flights of stairs to his apartment. We passed awkward, hungry glances at each other as we almost-silently climbed the stairs. We didn’t need to speak — we both knew what was coming. Several weeks worth of tension had slowly built until the […]