bed wetting.


It’s been suggested that I ask my readers for help regarding a specific and important issue: What to do about female ejaculation.

Most of you know by now that I’m not one of those girls that can’t come. In fact, it’s never been a problem for me. All I need is the tiniest bit of stimulation and I’m far over the edge, lost in pleasure. And when I come, my partner and I both know it. Not just because my thighs and PC muscles flex and squeeze so hard that I push anything that’s lodged inside of me out, but because I squirt. A lot.

The longer I’m on edge or aroused, the more I come. I’ve gotten used to it and comfortable with it. I don’t get weirded out and I’ve found that most of my partners fully appreciate my warm gushes. What neither I nor my partner appreciates, however, are the drenched bedsheets that lay under us as we try to fall asleep after a fuck.

In high school, I used to focus the warm stream of air from a hairdryer on the sheets and dry them in a relatively short period of time. But back then, sleeping in the bed after an orgasm was hardly an issue. Fuck sessions took place more often in a car or in the middle of the afternoon than they did in a bed before going to sleep. I was also with much less talented lovers who stopped after giving me one or two orgasm instead of the 6+ I get these days.

I’ve tried towels folded into various layers, placed strategically under my hips or directly over my cunt as I squirt, but the bed still ends up soaked through and we end up sleeping on another towel. I’m out of (feasable) ideas. Here’s what I’ve heard so far, along with why it won’t work:

  1. Separate beds for fucking and sleeping. There are hundreds of reasons why this suggestion fails miserable. If you have enough money and space to have separate beds, more power to you. I barely have space for myself and certainly don’t have room for an entirely separate bed. This also kills all options of spontanaity. Imagine waking up from a nap to your lover licking between your legs, only to have to stop him/her. “Wait. We have to switch beds!” Fuck that.
  2. Sex on the floor/in the shower. This fails for many of the same reasons as above, but mostly because those are both typically dirty places. Especially when there are roommates. Especially at a man’s place. They also don’t lend themselves to many practical positions; hard floors hurt backs and knees and showers are slippery and lack enough sturdy surfaces. Those make for special treats sometime but certainly can’t be the norm.
  3. Change the sheets after sex. But I come too often to change the sheets each time. I also tend to soak through layers, more often than not drenching the mattress pad or even the mattress.

So readers, I’m on my knees, begging (not sucking, for once) for your help. Please!

7 Responses to “bed wetting.”

  1. 1 KG

    Hmmm that is a tricky one girl. I have always wanted to be with a chick who squirts. It must feel insense for the guy. Anyway I digress. When I was in College a close female friend of mine has the same talent (problem?). I was going to suggest the whole shower / bathroom idea but I have to agree that its gross. What about putting one of those latex rubber / plastic covers over your mattress. If you did that and put one set of sheets over it, then your comfy down mattress covers (if you don’t have one you should try it) then another set of sheets. When the mood strikes you can just pull the down cover and top sheet off and go at it? This way you have the latex / plastic mattress cover to protect the bed but you have a nice comfy pad on top for when you are sleeping. (This will also cut down on the weird feeling of sleeping on a sheet that you know has plastic under it).

    Good luck,

  2. 2 Dave

    A variation on #3:
    Hospital pads — googling “hospital pads” brought up this and this and a bunch of others. Anyway, cover the bed (or just the likely areas) and THEN put the sheets on top. When you’re done soaking the bed, change the sheets (either with new pads or no) and you’ll have a dry bed and dry sheets.

  3. Can you try something like this?

    Then all you would need to do is change the least the mattress itself would not be soaked through. Or, you could put a full set of sheets on (fitted and flat), then the plastic cover and another sheet on top of it. After you finish having sex, remove the sheet and plastic cover and you have a fresh, dry set underneath ready to go. At least that way you wouldn’t need to be bothered making up the bed all over again.

  4. 4 dragonmage

    Luvbunny squirts quite often as well. We eventually got a waterproof mattress cover to protect the mattress, and we put plastic (usually a plastic garbage bag) on the bed, then cover that with a towel. On the occasions where my intention is to have her squirt hard, then we put down LOTS of plastic as she has hit the wall several times. ^_^

    I have seriously considered getting a painters plastic drop sheet to cover the bed and the floor, but I haven’t done it … yet.

  5. 5 aag

    You can get pet piddle-pads.

    Or this:

    You can not soak through that…and it washes really really well.

  6. Ah, THANKS AAG! I want one!!!

    If only I had 85$ lying around.

  7. 7 Mary

    Here’s our solution to the problem of having two squirters in one bed:

    1) We got one of the ugly, rustling, plastic waterproof mattresses for the mattress. Then we covered that with one of the soft quilted mattress pads. Continue making the bed as usual. This way we don’t mess up the mattress but we don’t sleep on the yucky plastic. Finding one for a king-sized bed was an issue, but that’s why we created the internet.

    2) We have lots of sheets, and we don’t care if the bottom sheet matches the rest of the bedding. It’s easy enough to change the bottom sheet afterwards and get on with the sleeping portion of the evening. If we got things really wet we’ll put a towel between the mattress and the sheet (and usually forget it until the next time we change the sheets). And yes, all our sheets have an obscenely high thread count; I’d rather go without Coke than have scratchy sheets.

    3) We do the towels “artfully draped under the hips” routine, but that’s not necessarily the texture I want on my ass (or stomach, or knees, or whatever) during sex, so we’ve also used tshirts or towels covered in tshirts.

    4) We’ve used chucks pads — the things from the hospital, also sometimes called piddle pads — both after having kids and after getting a new puppy. Hey, we didn’t want it to go to waste! However, there’s the rustling and the scratchy problem.

    I’d like to point out that doing the laundry and finding lots of sheets and towels to wash can actually make that boring chore kindof fun, or at least memorable.

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