vibrating bliss in a box.


I have a new toy, and I may never leave the bedroom again. It was a birthday present and quite clearly a perfect one.

The rosebud caught my eye in my first pass through Babeland and tormented me with thoughts of it making itself a new home in my toy box until I finally walked out with it in my hand and 4 fresh batteries.

The Rosebud is soft to the touch, made from 100% silicone and silky as hell. Similar to the Rabbit Habits of Sex in the City popularity, The Rosebud consists of a quickly vibrating tickler attached to a circling dildo. The conjoined sensation is amazing as it hits my g-spot and clit simultaneously bringing me to one blended orgasm after another. The rotating head continued to swirl even as my PC muscles clamped into a death grip.

Unlike the rabbits that make their home in the display case next to it, The Rosebud is neither intimidating nor threatening. It reigns as princess of the shelf and commandeers awe from those who witness its beauty.

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