some things never change.


Homeboy and I had a date the other night. Simple- an impromptu dinner at a local cafe followed by a light drink at my new apartment. We sat on my bed, sipping our drinks, listening to music and chatting about the upcoming semester. Then we’re laying down,  watching TV and laughing out loud. Before I realize what’s happened, I feel his arms around my shoulders and his legs entangled in mine, and he plants his lips firmly against my mouth. I blush hot, amazed at the butterflies that have spring to life in my stomach, choosing that very moment to burst from their cocoons and expand their wings.

We kiss and he runs his hands through my hair, gripping a handful and pulling me closer to him. I’m kissing him back, ferociously. I’m out of breath.

He puts his hand under my shirt and finds a nipple, rubbing it lightly between his finger tips and squeezing every so often. My shirt is off. Then his. His hands are down the back of my skirt and he’s grabbing my ass, fingering the satin material of my panties as he debates slipping a finger underneath. He flips me over, settling on rubbing my cunt through the fabric, marveling aloud at the damp heat radiating from beneath. I see him staring at me through the squints of my eyes which flutter closed as I whisper a  moan and grind against his hand.

“You’re so sexy. I love watching you.”

He leans over and puts his mouth to my ear, his hot breath sending waves of pleasure to the tips of my toes.

“I can’t wait to take that pussy. I know what you want. You just can’t wait to have my dick inside you.”

I moan and he slides my skirt off, removes his own pants and presents me with his perfectly curved cock. I grab it in my mouth, savouring his taste and drawing out his pleasure as I suck and lick and swirl my tongue around his head. I know he’s approaching orgasm so I stop, letting his breathing return to normal as I run my hands over his abs. Then he’s below me, pushing my legs against my stomach and thrusting into me with such urgency. He comes and I come with him, a huge but silent orgasm that leaves me lightheaded and dazed.

Just like old times.

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