I’m supposed to discuss dick size.


I’ve needed a rest from blogging. It got to the point where my entire world was focused on my blog. Writing became a chore and sex became an outlet for new material. So I stopped both, temporarily of course, and two months later I’m back. Fresh. Excited. Ready to expel my figurative guts all over the figurative page and once again share with my favorite comunity.

So to start us off, I need to address some fan mail.

Curious asked me to discuss the female’s preference when it comes to male anatomy — particularly (surprise surprise) concerns about size.

I’m a firm (ha!) believer that confidence trumps size and style, every time. In fact, I’m convinced that those men with confidence develop those skills that make them an excellent lover. They’re less nervous and less focused on their insecurities and as a result they can take more time to listen to their partners vocal and non-vocal cues. They can feel when their partner slightly moves her hips to position herself. They sense the delicate changes of tempo as their partner climaxes and push their own body to do the same.

Granted, that’s not the answer you want. You want me to give you a number, some quantitative measurements so you can match yourself up and see where you fall, like those childhood growth charts. There are no magic numbers, and even if I could give you my ideals, there’s no way it would be the same for anyone else out there.

I like curve. I like a cock that hits my g-spot and I don’t care if it ever touches my clit. I’d think a 4 incher could do that fine. Sometimes I like to feel full. Short and thick is great for that. Sometimes I want deep. Clearly, longer is better on that one. But there’s tons of different ways to make one man’s cock fill all those different needs. If I’m getting fucked from behind, everything feels deep. If I clench my PC muscles in any position, I feel full. If I arch my back, I get that g-spot stim that I love. And the best lovers are those that can just go along with it, who can be as flexible as I am and work with me to hit all those lovely little erotic points on my body.

You still want a number. Three different studies put the average penis size at around 5 or 5.5 inches. Yes, there are some men who are way more endowed than these studies suggest, but that also means that there are tons of men who are smaller as well. I’m sure they’re all doing just fine. Does circumcision make a difference? I like it, but some girls don’t. It’s not a deal breaker either way.

And sometimes guys, too big is just too damn big. Every girl has been there at some point. The largest cock I’ve ever seen was on a guy I fucked once. He was so convinced that his large size made him excellent in bed. He didn’t try. He hurt me. It was in fact one of the worst nights of sex I’ve ever had.

And lastly, oral vs. vaginal preferences? I didn’t know girls made distinctions. I love sucking dick, so I don’t care what size you are. And chances are, after I’m done sucking that beautiful shaft of yours, I’m going to want it somewhere inside me. Use it right and it won’t matter how big or small it is. I’ll be screaming for more and all I’ll remember is the starts behind my eyelids, not how many inches long you were.

You want to hear from the other female readers. I do too. Leave your thoughts.

7 Responses to “I’m supposed to discuss dick size.”

  1. 1 thedirtyblonde

    How does one measure size anyway? Is length the measurement along the top, or from underneath, and do you subtract a few millimetres for the tape measure bending around the head of the penis?

    My main criteria are cleanliness and attached to a man I’m dying to enjoy.

    My smallest lover was literally an “Is it in yet?” experience, the length and circumference of a chewed pencil, but we had fun because of all the other sexual acts we indulged in. The largest was like two soft drink cans on end and terrified me — we could only have sex in positions that allowed me full control, and a hammering position like my ankles around his neck was out of the question because of the pain.

    Oral vs vaginal preferences? All three 🙂

    You get fan mail? Lovely!

  2. Aha..the slutty duckling returns at long last! I was rather hoping you would make a re-appearance at some point.

    I am one of those that definitely thinks along the lines of ‘quality versus quantity’. A guy can have a big dick and not have a clue how to use it, like the one you described who used his like a battering ram. That being said, a man who happens to be well endowed AND has great technique is definitely a dream come true for me. On the other hand, I’ve been with men smaller in size that more than made up for it by their ability to use what they had to their best advantage, giving me multiple orgasms in the process. So really, it does range up and down the spectrum for me. I was with one guy that was literally so small that I couldn’t feel it. At all. Even worse, he knew it and let it overcome everything, including his own sex drive. Shame.

    Welcome back SD!! I missed you!

  3. Nice to hear I was so well missed! Thanks guys!

  4. 4 Curious

    Well, well, well…didn’t know a random visitor could elicit such an extensive response!!
    And what a great post! I do believe that’s the best description I’ve ever read on the topic (of course, I’m not one of the huge guys who loves to hear bigger is better all the time!)
    Thanks for breaking out of your blogging hiatus with this post!

  5. 5 Dylan

    I think that, from the angle that men usually see their dicks, it looks smaller than it really is. It’s like on film, when you want someone to look tall, you put the camera below them and look up. But to make them look short, put the camera above them. Men always see their cocks from a difficult angle to judge. Safe bet: Your woman probably thinks your bigger than you do. I remember going to a sex shop and helping my girlfriend pick out a vibrator and seeing her look at one that I thought was larger than me. She said, “No way, honey,” then went to look for a toy that better resembled my size. What she picked out was three times the size I thought I was.

  6. 6 JJ

    A very intereseting read. Thank you for posting too. As a guy I think anyone eager to improve their technique should indulge in reading these blogs!

    I think its down to confidence on the guys part because sexual attraction is about all participants must enjoy the experience. I hate lazy fuckers! lol

    Seriously I used to be concious about my manhood and one day out of curiosity measured it. I found I fell in the average catergory…..nothing wrong with that eh? But I sure got a great ass to drive it.

    By the way I was 6.7″ long and 6.5 girth!

    JJ x

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