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Unknown. At this point at least. I haven’t had a chance to try. I doubt it. If anything, I’m bi. I love my men too much, but maybe I also love my women? I got hit on hard tonight by the most beautiful androgynous woman I’ve ever seen. As soon as she walked into the […]

He beats me when he’s sober too, but it’s even more convincing when he’s drunk. He gets sloppy and impulsive when he’s been drinking and he puts less thought into my torture.  He’s not as delicate and he cares less about how much I’m enjoying his smacks. He’s rough and selfish and makes no attempt […]

a haiku.


And now drunk again Quiet, full of desire Waiting. Squirming. Hot.

a 3 year loss.


Our friendship was shrouded in 3 years worth of sexual tension. From that first night we met, every glance, every phrase took on a double meaning. “How have you been” meant “Are you single?” “I haven’t seen you in awhile” meant “I’m horny as fuck.” I finally broke down, hoping that the pent up energy […]