natalie wants to play.


I answered an ad I found on Craigslist in the W4W section. Natalie’s been training as a domme and is looking for a girl to practice on. I think I might be that girl.

I’m excited and thrilled and scared as hell. First are the traditional scares for my safety; is she going to murder me when she gets me into her apartment? Will there be a man there to steal me away into sex work forever?

Secondly are the fears about being with a woman, something I’ve only done a few times before and nowhere near as in depth as what Im planing with Natalie. Playing with women has always excited me and Natalie’s cute and seems like she’d help make me comfortable with the scene. There’s something incredibly erotic about the thought of another woman running her small soft hands over my tight skin and caressing me in ways that come naturally to her.

We’ll meet for drinks someday this week and I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated. Fingers crossed. This could be my first lesbian fuck.

3 Responses to “natalie wants to play.”

  1. Wow! Okay, I”m SO looking forward to reading the outcome of this encounter! Keep us posted!!

  2. We’ll need details!

  3. I wish I had some details to give. I’m still waiting to hear back from her about arranging a date. I’ll keep everyone posted.

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