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I love sucking Homeboy’s dick. He’s perfectly shaped — not too thick or thin and not too long or short. It fits perfectly in my mouth, my lips flush against his abdoment. And he responds perfectly. He moans on cue and entwines my hair in his fingers. Every time I whip my tongue, he shudders […]

My need for abuse is mounting. I have a beer in me and I’m well rested and the combination makes my skin tingle with sensitivity and anticipation. We have a few fingers of ginger in the fridge which have had me on edge since I bought them. My previous experience with ginger (which I thought […]

He met me at the corner and carried my bag up the four flights of stairs to his apartment. We passed awkward, hungry glances at each other as we almost-silently climbed the stairs. We didn’t need to speak — we both knew what was coming. Several weeks worth of tension had slowly built until the […]