morning delight.


My need for abuse is mounting. I have a beer in me and I’m well rested and the combination makes my skin tingle with sensitivity and anticipation.

We have a few fingers of ginger in the fridge which have had me on edge since I bought them. My previous experience with ginger (which I thought I’d posted about but seem to have only composed and narrated in my mind) was fantastic. That afternoon, we were in each others’ heads. He knew exactly what I needed and wanted and how much of it. The sensation on my lower lips only intensified as each minute passed and I sank into glorious oblivious subspace.

I haven’t been there in awhile.


We had morning sex the other day which went surprisingly well. It’s not ordinarily something I crave or even enjoy too much; I don’t think I have as much control over my muscles first thing in the morning and therefore my orgasms aren’t nearly as climactic or intense. For whatever reason, I awoke horny as hell and longed to be touch. He was thrilled and within minutes we were rolling around on top of each other. He rubbed my clit — slowly at first but gradually peaking with intensity as I did the same.

He grabbed my chin and examined my face and asked me to suck his cock, and I happily obliged. I eagerly drew his hard dick in my mouth, restraining myself so I could draw him in and slowly intensify his excitement as he had mine. I ran my tongue along his shaft and slid my tongue against his balls. I felt him shudder against my lips and held him on edge as I climbed on top of him.

Within minutes I had orgasmed  but not squirted. I apologized and said I thought I wouldn’t, but he wasn’t having it. He flipped me over onto my back and shoved my legs behind my shoulders. He thrust his hips into me and I felt myself clenching, then gushing all over his bed. He still wasn’t satisfied. He made me cum three more times before finishing himself and collapsing on top of me, into a heap of sweaty sticky limbs.

4 Responses to “morning delight.”

  1. 1 hankypanky4me

    OoO–What a ‘morning delight’ for me, well done!–Lollie

  2. NIce! I just recently posted on my blog about squirting. How does it occur? Did you teach yourself this? Did he teach you? Or is this something that has always been a part of your sex? I am SO intrigued! I want to know more 🙂 xo ~sadie

  3. It’s always been a natural part of my sex. Nobody taught me and when I did it the first time, I didn’t realize it was unusual. It’s natural and it’s wonderful. You can read my post,, about squirting and see what kind of problems accompany the blessing. I love it.

  4. Nice pics, she’s a babe.

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