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I like curve. I like a cock that hits my g-spot and I don’t care if it ever touches my clit. I’d think a 4 incher could do that fine. Sometimes I like to feel full. Short and thick is great for that. Sometimes I want deep. Clearly, longer is better on that one. But there’s tons of different ways to make one man’s cock fill all those different needs.

Homeboy and I had a date the other night. Simple- an impromptu dinner at a local cafe followed by a light drink at my new apartment. We sat on my bed, sipping our drinks, listening to music and chatting about the upcoming semester. Then we’re laying down,  watching TV and laughing out loud. Before I […]

hot and cold.


Things reach a new level when fantastic sex becomes the norm. Especially if it’s followed immediately by more fantastic sex. We wandered through the village last night, searching for a pair of non-furry handcuffs, then came home and immediately put them to use. NYC is burning like hell. People are lazy and hot and I […]

If you missed part 1… He picks up the blade and starts running it across my stomach. I hold still, trying not to flinch. Trying not to get so overwhelmed by the insanity and fear that I jolt and cut myself. He asks about my unresponsiveness and I can’t reply. He asks if I like […]



I’m counting the days until I get to see him again. Exactly a month now until we great each other with lust. Our first few days together, we won’t be able to keep our hands off each other. Last time we sat in his living room, watching TV as I curled on his lap in […]

second chances.


I’d forgotten how well he gave head. He pushed me down onto his bed and traced his fingers around the edges of my panties. Slipped a finger under and pulled it out, just to tease me.He rubbed his thumb over my cunt, through the thin silken fabric, and let me buck my hips just once […]

He met me at the corner and carried my bag up the four flights of stairs to his apartment. We passed awkward, hungry glances at each other as we almost-silently climbed the stairs. We didn’t need to speak — we both knew what was coming. Several weeks worth of tension had slowly built until the […]