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desperate boy.


I really like Jonathan. Our relationship has been slowly blossoming. He provides me with a lot of things I need that no one else is providing for me at the moment. Emotionally. I’m very comfortable with him — maybe it’s the fact that I know he likes me so much that he can hardly fault […]

I’m unbelievably and uncontrollably attracted to Jonathan, aka Pizza Boy. I feel a bit like I’ve been struck by a frying pan. Maybe it’s the suddenness I’m referring to. This has all set in so quickly. I’ll be really glad to get away from everything and just have a summer full of mind-numbing violent sex. […]

*Jonathan’s* eyes are sad. They turn down at both corners, making little frowning pools of light. I could stare at them forever, trying to decipher what it is that makes them that way, knowing full well it’s just the shape of his sockets that creates the illusion of pain. Even when he smiles, as he […]