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The violence was exactly what I needed to jump start my mood. He called me from SoHo at 11 and ordered me to get my ass to meet him at the subway. He pounced me when he saw me, threatening me with death by cock. His hands never left my ass as we made our […]

choked up.


There’s something wildly arousing about an empty room. Bare walls, bare mattress, empty drawers and empty counter-tops. Homeboy and I fucked on a sleeping bag topped with a towel so that he had somewhere to sleep after I left. He’d left his ropes and condoms unpacked, knowing full well that we’d need them before he […]

In no particular order… “Amazon” by MIA & Diplo. Boys with cigarettes. Anatomy class. “I Wanna Fuck You” by Akon, but only when He bites his lip and sings it. Fire. Jersey cotton sheets and down comforters. “Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady” by Nathaniel Merriweather. Ginger. Red Wine.