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slow drag.


My favorite bloggers have all but completely stopped entertaining me with their sexy musings. Is real life catching up with all of us at the same time? Is summer starting to drag on everyone, slowing our sex drives as the air grows warmer? Or are we all just having less sex and therefore have less […]

girl in heat.


Every month, I get deliciously horny for about a week. I’m usually pretty wet on a daily basis, but for a few days every month my panties are perpetually coated in my dripping fluids.  Every other thought turns to sex, partners, tastes and smells. I squirm in my chair at my desk, crossing my legs […]

I’m over this being female thing. Sure, we have beautiful, curvy, sexy bodies and are capable of stronger and more frequent orgasms than our male counterparts. But the more time I spend as a member of this blessed sex (ie; the longer I live), the more I start to think that maybe we’re really cursed […]