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The serenity that I felt a few days ago is completely gone. I’m filled with an inner turmoil that I don’t know how to reconcile. My time in New York City has been better than anything I’d ever imagined. I’ve fallen in love harder than I ever have before and I feel an overwhelming, tight […]

I have huge tits. And it’s a huge problem. Yes sure, they make me nice and curvy. He likes them, and so do Homeboy and Jonathan (in fact, I can’t say I’ve ever met any straight guy who DIDN’T) and that’s certainly one of the benefits, but having a positive attitude towards my breasts is […]

He has bedbugs. After months of me insisting that those itches on his skin were simply an allergic reaction to something, I woke up coated in bites from the little suckers. I’m itchy and red and blotchy. I circled each bite before bed last night so I could make sure they weren’t in my own […]

not mine.


I found a bra that wasn’t mine. We were getting ready to leave and he asked me to help him take the sheets off his bed so he could get them in the wash. I slid my hand in between the bedframe and the mattress to loosen the sheet and pulled out a lacy black […]



Several scenarios that could really benefit from the opinions of the general public: 1- Sex Between Friends I find it unbearably difficult to keep myself from blurring the lines between friendship and sex. Unless a man is introduced to me as someone’s boyfriend, I find myself what it would be like to fuck him. (Actually, […]

a 3 year loss.


Our friendship was shrouded in 3 years worth of sexual tension. From that first night we met, every glance, every phrase took on a double meaning. “How have you been” meant “Are you single?” “I haven’t seen you in awhile” meant “I’m horny as fuck.” I finally broke down, hoping that the pent up energy […]

moral dilemma.


I’ve been thinking a lot about sex in religious cultures. My sex and desire is such an integral part of my everyday life in much the way I assume religion and faith is a part of theirs. What I don’t understand is the way the presence of one nearly completely nullifies the other. This is […]

This afternoon I walked in my house and quickly tore off my clothes. I changed into a pair of old running shorts and a too-small top and filled a bucket with soapy water. Two sponges in hand, I lugged the bucket to my front yard uncoiled the hose and sprayed myself and my car with […]