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admission #3.


My first few days in NYC have left me feeling very unsettled and confused, not to mention lonely. I’m in strange spirits right now, so I’m leery about posting any updates about my status with him and me or how I feel about anything. I feel more like having some violent sex — something to […]

admission #2.


I’m a little fuzzy right now. I’m not sure how I’m going to handle not having Homeboy so conveniently located nearby. I feel a bit like Frank-n-furter from The Rocky Horror Picture Show — I’ve built my sex toy, tailored everything to how I like it, trained him how to touch and talk to me, […]

admission #1.


Lately, I’ve been overwhelmingly and uncontrollably horny. I’ve taken a 2 week break from daily fucking to set my mind straight, mainly because things with homeboy ended so catastrophically that I lacked all energy to remedy the situation. It leads to the love-and-sex conundrum, where one party always falls for the other, while the latter […]