better than xanax.


I love sucking Homeboy’s dick. He’s perfectly shaped — not too thick or thin and not too long or short. It fits perfectly in my mouth, my lips flush against his abdoment. And he responds perfectly. He moans on cue and entwines my hair in his fingers. Every time I whip my tongue, he shudders in perfect time.

It’s strange, but when I’m going down on him, I think of mathematical patterns, colors and shapes and rhythms and numbers tha fit together perfectly, like replacing shards of broken glass until each is accounted for and the pane is flawless. I lose myself completely. I don’t think of his skin on my lips or the movements of my tongue. I relax, let my muscles take over and get lost in the comfort in the swirls of color that I see behind my eyes.

When he comes in my mouth,n in a burst that forces me instantly back to reality, tears stream down my face. I swallow him, catching my breath and wiping the salty drops from my eyelashes. And he sighs, relieved and relaxed and he pulls me to his chest where I rest my head and share in his afterglow.

7 Responses to “better than xanax.”

  1. i LOVE sucking my Owner;s cock too but nothing tops Xanax… nothing.

    (just kidding)

    Both are good in different—way way way different sorts of ways.

  2. SD, I certainly hope that Homeboy appreciates what a lucky man he really is. 🙂

  3. Wow, that was nice… made me smile and I’m way over here.



  4. 4 curious

    I think it’s really cool how much you love your guy’s cock. I hope (and am sure) you let him know those very things you write.

    I hope you don’t mind my asking, but is your preference for his size simply for oral sex only or is he the ideal size for vaginal sex too? My girl has told me she likes my size for oral (I’m only about 5″), and that my size is fine for sex, but I’m not sure I believe that she’s not secretly missing her previous lovers who were larger than me. It’s so easy to believe all the cultural hype that only big cocks are worth fucking (from a woman’s perspective) which can be kind of depressing.

    Anyways – I’m just curious to hear your thoughts on the subject if you don’t mind.

    Hope you and your man are still going crazy!!

  5. 5 curious

    Sorry about the last part of my comment – I’d been drinking a bit tonight and just realized you posted that you and your man broke up. I’m sorry to hear of it and wish you the best.

    If you’re willing I’d still like to hear your HONEST perspective on the above.


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