Live to write to live.


Blogging changes people. I does some people loads of good and turns others into mindless numbfucks who spend too much time writing about themselves and not enough time examining what that says about them.

I blog because I love to write. I love to write, and I’m decent at it and it’s a hobby I find fulfilling. And I’m smart enough to know that it will get me nothing in life in terms of practical usage. I’ll never make money for it. I’ll never be published and I’ll never manage to make it a full time career like AAG does. And I don’t care. It’s not about attention. It’s about getting better at something I love while at the same time working out some kinks in my thinking about tough topics. When I have to sit down and formulate a coherent explaination of the going-ons of my brain, I iron out all the confusion.

My blog has already helped me through so much. It’s helped me assess my love for Him and learn what I want from our relationship. I’ve discovered what I need and what I’m comfortable with, and writing on my blog has kept me from doing some stupid things, like writing angry letters or staging awkward confrontations. It’s a catharsis and it’s an escape.

I haven’t needed either of those lately. Things have been perfect and I haven’t wanted to ruin anything by overanalyzing. Things are so clear to me and I have no need for working out issues because I have none. Life is obvious and I’ve never been happier.

So, formal apologies for neglecting the readers. I promise, I’ll be back.

2 Responses to “Live to write to live.”

  1. I have missed reading your posts but it’s good to know all is well in the universe. Enjoy.

  2. I agree with dirtyblonde, I definitely missed reading your posts. But I very much understand that you didn’t have that need, that compulsion to write. I shared this with another blogger recently and it does seem to fit this situation as well. A good friend of mine (also a writer) once told me that writing is chemotherapy for the soul. So very, very true.

    I’m glad you are back though, SD. đŸ™‚

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