He told me he loves me.

He kissed me and looked me in the eye and as his voice cracked with nervousness he spat it out in almost a question. He wrapped his arms around me and kised me again and held me as I felt my insides flush hot and my skin tingle. He pulled away and I smiled, trying to form those three little words in my mouth to answer the question that I knew was burned into his brain. I failed. He walked away.

I retreated to the bedroom where I sat with my head in my hands and fought back tears. Him. He loves me. No three words have ever made me so happy. Another person has never excited my brain and body as he does, as he did by releasing that phrase. I’ve heard it before and I’ve said it before and never has to held so much weight as it does with him.

And so I sat, staring into space as the cogs in my cortex turned at full speed. I hadn’t said a word for nearly ten minutes. I hadn’t breathed a sound since he’d wrapped his arms around me. Half of me wanted to rush out, to stand in the middle of the living room and scream in excitement, to slap him with the same words and rush to him and let him hold me as tears streamed down my face.

But still I sat, giving in to the other half of myself that prefered to savour the moment. I rode out the heat wave that surged in my veins and gradualy steadied myself. And as I finished stitching myself together and regaining my composure he stepped into the bedroom and sat in front of me, eyelevel with me. And I said it. In the tiniest whisper I said I loved him too, waiting as the heat flushed back and I doubled over in his arms. He held me and kissed me and rubbed his hands down my back and we sat in silence. Silence, because the feelings that buzzed around in each of our heads, which we’d ordinarily consider emoting, had already been said. All that was left was silence.

2 Responses to “silence.”

  1. 1 swingerwife

    You now have the ultimate, most potent combination of all. Crazy, hot as hell, passionate, erotic, fucking awesome sex WITH someone who loves you. And you love him back. Congrats…

    Your blog gets to me, girl. You make me want to be REALLY depraved in bed with my husband and my playmate.

  2. You capture this moment in time so wonderfully. That can’t breath moment when everything is spinning so nearly out of control and you are at the center of the storm of passion, of emotion.

    It is a universal theme that anyone who was ever in love can share. Loverly in its perfection.


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