i’ve been bad.


My computer is sitting in pieces on a friend’s couch, where it has been for the last two weeks. It’s a horrible excuse for neglecting you readers, but it’s the only one I have. Hopefully I’ll get it back this week, but in the meantime, GorgeousSexyVixen has been nice enough to lend me a keyboard for a bit.

I’m in that oversexed week of the month. I’m hungry for anything that’ll fit in my mouth, as long as it accompanies moans or screams from the person on the other end. My insides are hot, like someone rubbed tiger balm on every mucus membrane I have and I’ve soaked it all up. I’m tingling. I’m hyper-sensitive. Starved.

I have this fantasy. I’m sleeping and I wake up in the middle of the night and it’s pitch black. I’m tied. Comfortable, but tied to my bed and I can feel something between my legs. It’s warm and soft and touching me in all the right places as I writhe on top of my sheets and sleepily regain my whereabouts. I’m frightened. I don’t know who’s touching me or how he or she managed to tie me without waking me and I wonder if I’ve been drugged but quickly lose interest as I slip further under this spell. I’m crazy with lust and even though I’m scared and concerned, I can’t help noting how good it feels to be rubbed. I want it to stop but I can’t stand the thought of it stopping. I’m sinking, further under the folds of satin sheets and matching orgasms. The touch is feathery and solid, light but so obviously there. It’s tracing circles on my cunt and slipping itself inside me. It anticipates my desires before I can even recognize them myself. Soon, the finger is a cock, and it’s pushing against my g-spot. I feel strong arms grip my shoulders as I shudder and I feel a wave ripple through the hands that press me to the mattress as the body they’re attached to does the same. Then, just as quickly as our tryst began, it ends. I feel the cool air on my skin again as my shallow breaths slow. I’m still tied to the bed but it doesn’t stop me from drifting to sleep. When I wake in the morning, there’s no trace of my captor.

2 Responses to “i’ve been bad.”

  1. 1 thedirtyblonde

    It’s a lovely warm-weather fantasy. I remember an Anne Rice book describing a spectral fantasy in such beautiful detail I fantasised about it for ages (or kept re-reading, it more to the point!)

    My current fantasy is being in a car with my two bi boys and they are sharing the remote control of a butterfly toy or an egg, and alternate buzzing me and telling me what they’ll do when they decide to stop the car somewhere remote. I get torn between wanting them to taunt me until my scent overpowers the car’s interior, or be dragged kicking but wanting to a park bench where passing cyclists could see me sucking off one and being fucked by the other, if they really looked.

  2. I want someone to break into my house as well and catch me while I’m sleeping – but I would want a little but of warning before hand. Maybe someone would mention to me earlier in the day “Would you be mad If I broke into your house and raped you tonight?”

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