Sex with him is fucking fantastic. We got frisky the other night. He got creative. He fucked me stupid.

But first he took pictures of me. Or, first he tied me to the corners of his bed loft and then he took pictures of me. It was one of the hottest things we’ve ever done, topped only by one intense afternoon of orgasm denial and some delicious physical torture.

The ropes pulled my limbs from my body and a blindfold covered my eyes as he teased me. He played with our toys, pinching my nipples between adjustable clamps. I love those. They send shocks down my body and make me shudder, a view that I know he loves. He kept me on the edge for awhile, then untied my arms to give me a break and pushed me to my knees in front of him. I sucked his dick, hard and enticing as always, and he fucked my throat, bringing tears to my eyes. I drew him further inside my mouth until I felt his skin tighten and pulse. He emptied his cum straight down the back of my throat as I whimpered, then quickly pulled me to my feet and retied my arms.

He spent the next hour sliding his fingers deep inside of me and making me cum. I left puddles on his floor. I was ready to collapse and he knew it. He untied me and let me crawl onto his bed. He cleaned up the floor, then joined me. I asked him to cum on me and to beat me. He told me to lay as he smacked my thighs and jacked himself off onto my breasts, this second load lighter and runnier than the first. After I cleaned up, I told him again that he can be rougher with me, that he doesn’t have to worry about hurting or breaking me. He flipped me over and beat my ass red.

I smiled as he laid next to me and marveled at the variety of kinky things we can do together. I felt sexy as hell. I went to bed happy.

4 Responses to “enslaved.”

  1. Ouch. Sounds like so much fucking fun.

    Every guy I fuck is so gentle – the kind of sex where the one on tops leans down and whispers in the others ear “Are you okay?” and then the one on the bottom says “Yeah I’m fine. Kiss me.”

    I wanna get paddled – by you…

  2. I’m not a domme, but the guy I have in mind for our three-some is definitely into spanking.

  3. 3 sandokan

    Hello there

    Stumbled upon your blog today. Loved it. Every single thing that you have written. Well, have a huge fetish for ‘Squirting’ so it gives me a great pleasure to interact with an actual squirter.
    Quite eagerly look forward to your updates…



  4. Okay, these girls are lovely however mine are slutty. Check out Georgette Stachecki http://is.gd/7p6m

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