princess in wonderland.


The violence was exactly what I needed to jump start my mood. He called me from SoHo at 11 and ordered me to get my ass to meet him at the subway. He pounced me when he saw me, threatening me with death by cock. His hands never left my ass as we made our way to his flat, pausing only to grab beers. The drinks went down smoothly and within a half hour I was buzzing pleasantly. “Goodnight guys” he called to his roommates as he pulled me into his room and locked the door behind me.

“Clothes off. On my bed. Now.” I complied, closed my eyes and ran a hand down, fingering the folds of my cunt and swirling a finger around in my wetness. A smack landed across my face and I quickly pulled my hands away. “This will be easier for you if you just lay there and be a good girl,” he said, pulling the chain between the nipple clamps through his fingers and snapping it taught.

And so I waited, impatiently, as he readied his ropes and cuffs. He tied me in that “X” on his bed, from corner to corner, and smacked my inner thighs. Then the teasing began.

One of the best things about sex with him is how he adores and worships my body. He treats me like I’m the hottest thing that’s ever crawled into his bed, and I eat it up as quickly as I do his dick. He makes me feel sexy as he caresses my hips and runs his fingers down my chest. He squeezes my breast as he pinches a nipple between a too-tight nipple clamp and I shudder uncontrollably. He grabs my mouth, squeezing it hard and swoops down to kiss me. I think that this is how a grown-up-princess feels. Tiaras are replaced with silver clamps and he replaces my prince charming. It’s a fairytale come true, yet morphed entirely into something unreal. I love it.

By the time we’d exhausted ourselves, the bed was soaked with my cum and we were both coated in sweet sweat. He untied me and I dressed for bed, crawling in next to him as he read by the light of the dim overhead. He pulled me close to him and I leaned on his chest, enjoying the closeness that I’d missed so often in the previous weeks.

Black and white. Cool and spicy. Violent and sweet. With just a click of my heels.

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  1. Hello, I like your blog. Congratulations

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