cybering makes me horny.


Ever since Homeboy and I parted ways for the summer we’ve taken up cybering. It’s more like we write erotica for each other while the other masturbates. He’s got a webcam and I don’t, so our conversations are speckled with photos of him displaying his cock or showing off the globs of cum that line his abs after he’s finished. Meanwhile, he begs me to take more pictures of myself — a request I sometimes fulfill but usually don’t because I’m too engrossed to think about finding my digital camera.

Sometimes I have a drink, a gin and tonic or a glass of wine, and sometimes I use a toy. The dirty talk works me up and walks me through the phases. I come when he suggests I come. I moan when he suggests I moan. I lick my lips and pinch my nipples when he does so in the fantasy. It’s simple, but it’s effective. It keeps me appeased. And it’s maybe a little bit intimate. Or maybe that’s just me.

2 Responses to “cybering makes me horny.”

  1. 1 dragonmage

    It’s not just you. ^_^ Cybering is (can be) extremely intimate. Little one and I have cybered a few times – both as foreplay, and when we couldn’t be together. It can be a great way to connect over a distance.

  2. I’d feel more vulnerable cybering with a webcam than having actual sex. Not sure why – what if the camera picks you up at an ugly angle? Anyways this is hot. Too bad Steak doesn’t call me….

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