smoking please.


When did smoking become so god damned sexy?

It’s a trend I’ve been realizing and thinking about for a while. I always swore I’d never date a smoker, but I’m drawn to them. I find them irresistible. Not only do I not mind the taste — I actually sort of like it. I’m conditioned. Cigarette smoke is a trigger that fills me with lust.

I’m not really a smoker myself. Yea, I’ll have the occasional cigarette, usually more often when I’m with someone else who does on a regular basis. I’ve bought a few packs of smokes. I’ve lost my share of lighters. I’ve had that nicotine high that puts me on a cloud as I doze into my subconscious. But smoking isn’t about habit for me.

One of the most intimate things someone can do is share a cigarette with me. There’s that understanding that you’re going to pass it back and forth — to share this white-wrapped stick with someone else. You’re going to place your lips where there’s have been. You’re going to touch hands as you pass it between you. And you’re going to have a conversation while sitting together. I can see why people ever start.

The act of smoking is incredibly hot to me. When I watch a guy take a drag and close his eyes and exhale that cloudy stream of smoke, I get chills. I want him to inhale me like the nicotine — to roll me over his tongue and feel me in his mouth. He’ll be addicted to me, always coming back for more. Thinking about the next time he can have me and how good I make him feel. If only he could put me in a box and keep me in his pocket.

2 Responses to “smoking please.”

  1. Do you think its hot when I smoke? (and stop blog-noring me! I desire your attention)

  2. We just finished reviewing Julie Simone’s Smoking Interviews 3 on our blogs. You’ll probably like that movie! šŸ™‚

    Too bad smoking is so bad for you. I smoke. Too much. It goes with writing so well… and bad girls do it. LOL.


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