Longing (part2).


If you missed part 1

He picks up the blade and starts running it across my stomach. I hold still, trying not to flinch. Trying not to get so overwhelmed by the insanity and fear that I jolt and cut myself. He asks about my unresponsiveness and I can’t reply. He asks if I like it and I nod my head incessantly. So, he continues. He lowers the blade onto my hips, tracing it down the soft tight skin that’s so perfectly stretched open for him. I feel him mock-carving his initials into my thigh and I feel a tinge of wanting — wanting him to press harder and deeper and draw blood, only so that I’ll have a part of him as part of me forever. But he stops himself before he gets carried away with the excitement of domination.

He kisses those spots that he’s just poked at and the rigidity melts away. I relax, softening my muscles and releasing my grasp on the bedsheets. I start to remember that I’m tied. I realize that I physically can’t move, that it’s not the fear that has gripped me and turned me to stone in this stressful position. I try to sit up a little and he pushes me back down, tells me he’s nowhere near done with me yet.

He unties my ankles and spreads my legs, marveling at the beauty between them. My cunt is radiating heat and dripping wetness which pools on the bedsheets beneath me. He dives in, his cool tongue lapping at my clit and lips. I feel myself press against his face, my hips begging him to suck harder. But he tongues me lightly, adjusting himself to maintain his teasing as I inch closer towards him. He’s not going to let me off easy. I’m going to have to work for this orgasm. I’m going to have to beg. The realization flashes in my eyes and he catches it, smiling as he moves his tongue across my pubic bone towards my navel. I stare into his eyes and don’t even realize he’s entered me until the shock registers across my face. His cock fits me perfectly, hitting every sensitive part of me. His curve prods my g-spot and I feel myself building closer to climax. I’m moaning loudly, even through the gag. I’m begging him with my whimpering, moaning louder with each of his thrusts. I want him to pull out of me so I can come on his dick, soaking us both in sweet fluid. He feels my muscles clenching as I orgasm multiple times, building up to a final flow that we both know is coming. A muffled scream escapes my throat before I can register. The need is pressing down on us both, and I moan again, loudly, as he thrusts harder. His eyes close and I recognize the look on his face. He’s coming inside of me as the muscles in the wall of my cunt throb against him, releasing my own orgasm. He thrusts into me hard and pulls out quickly to watch my final squirt.


I thrust my hips with what little energy I have left, fall against the mattress and close my eyes, rolling onto my side, fetal position, as I prepare myself for the brownout that I know will follow soon. I hear him moving around me, feel his hands quickly and precisely untying the knots in the ropes. I hear him, in a far away voice, tell me he’s pleased. I hear the door open and I know he’s left the room. How long I’m alone I can’t say and I don’t care in the least. It’s not until he returns, his skin warm and damp, that I realize he’s showered as I lay curled on his bed, my hands still taught above my head as if still tied. He runs his hands through my hair, pulling it out of my face, and he leans over and kisses me on the cheek. My eyes flutter and he crawls into bed next to me, placing my head on his chest.

I sleep.

One Response to “Longing (part2).”

  1. This blog entry aroused me. I need to try some of this stuff – sex while you’re scared must be fantastic

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