Longing. (part 1)


I’m missing him A LOT. But I swore I wouldn’t bother him and I intend to keep my word. All I can do is fantasize… solidify my inklings of imagination and desire and pretend he’s here with me. Maybe he’ll even read this. Maybe he’ll like it. I really hope so.

I’m tied to myself. Ankles together, wrists together. Drawn tight like a pencil and tied that way to his bed frame. I can’t move, even if I tried. But I’m too frightened to. I’m tethered down the center of his bed, naked and cold and I can see the look on his face.

All he can see is my eyes as they express the words I cannot say with my mouth full of fabric. Yes, he’s gagged me with something soft — maybe my panties or the tank top I’d been wearing. It doesn’t matter. All that does is that I’m completely at his will, capable only of enjoying what I have coming to me, even though I’m scared out of my mind.

He has tools lined up by the foot of the bed. I watched him lay them out before he tied me, already gagged and hugging my knees in the corner of the loft. He takes so much pleasure in watching my eyes respond. Wide in fright, angled in excitement, slowly glassing over as I imagine what he has in store. He’s always creative and he’s finally learning to suppress the societal norms he’s acutely aware of. With me, he can put them aside and come a little bit closer to losing himself completely. My eyes encourage him and when he pauses to contemplate, they silently urge him forward.

He’s laid out a cup of ice, a feather, various clamps and a blade. I’m sure there are more things for later that he’s hiding, waiting until I’m deep in oblivion to pull them out and bring me back to the scene with a startle.

But now, I’m tied to the bed, my body thin and taught between the ropes. My skin is tight and he stares at my curves. He moves in to nibble my sensitive places: the bony parts of my hips and collar bone, my neck, my ears and the sides of my ribs. He’s kissing me and I’m watching him watch me. Our eyes are locked but he keeps moving, encouraged by my soft moans muffled by the gag. He warms me up with his kisses and bites, then shocks my skin with the ice. My skin tightens and pinches my nipples which have suddenly hardened. He ices them and clamps them, watching my horror turn to bliss when he moves down to nibble the skin beneath my breasts. He wants my eyes open — every time I close them, he stops until they flutter open again, catching my gaze and silently instructing me to keep them that way.

Part two to follow… stay posted.

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