caress me down.


My next lover is going to be a masseuse. I do you, you do me. I’ll suck his dick for an hour, and he’ll knead the knots from my shoulders. I have notoriously knotted shoulders but only a college student’s budget. Unfortunately, massage pros are not included on the necessary expenses list.

I met up with Cyrus yesterday before some activism. We were sitting next to each other, waiting for the protest to start, each getting a final look through our study materials for our later exams. FINALS — Fuck I Never Actually Learned SHIT. He reached over and started kneading my shoulders. “Damn you’re tense!” he said, fixing my posture as I melted on the steps. Cyrus doesn’t have to worry about these things. He’s rolling in dough since he got into the escort business. If he asked me, I’d tell him to spend it on a masseuse. Take or leave the happy endings.

I don’t even mind reciprocating with a rubdown. I don’t claim to be the best, but I give a mean back rub. All I want is a decent one in return. Especially tonight. I could use some relaxation. I guess I’ll settle for a fuck.

2 Responses to “caress me down.”

  1. Good to see my massage affected you so positively. They truly are as good as sex – sometimes. “I’ll suck your dick for a shoulder massage. Please! I’ll do anything!”

  2. 2 GorgeousSexyVixen

    You can have the massage dick free, thats how I roll. Slutty Duckling, persuading the man that he want to massage you is the key, he won’t want to take his hands off of you. Then, maybe if he’s lucky, throw in the happy ending

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