locks of lust.


I’m a huge insomniac, but when someone runs their fingers through my hair it puts me straight to sleep. When I rest my head on someone’s warm bare chest and then cradle my head in their hands, it takes only minutes for me to slip into dreamland. I’ve taken all the sleep aids, most which just knock me unconscious for a good 7 hours, but I wake up feeling like I’ve run a marathon and a half. Those sleeps I get next to another warm body though, those are the ones I look forward to.

Hair’s never been that sexy to me. I’ve gone through all sorts of phases with my hair, from long to super short to shaved, and it still doesn’t ordinarily turn me on. But hair can add a whole other dimension to the bedroom. I don’t miss it when it’s absent, but damn, I love it when it’s there.

My Latin Lover constantly touches my hair — twirling it around and tousling it in front of my face and eyes, always commenting on how he thinks it looks sexiest before switching it around again. Homeboy has more hair than I do so it’s lost its draw. He rarely even notices when strands of hair get in the way of our kissing, but every now and then he traces a finger across the side of my cheek, catching a piece that has stuck to my lip and placing it behind my ear. It gives me shivers.

But He completely ignores my hair, commenting only when I tie it back high on my head before taking his cock into my mouth. He notices the way my neck looks, long and sexy, after I’ve just gotten the hairs cut, but he never speaks a word otherwise. He ties me up, spanks me, teases me in every way imaginable, but he never pulls my hair and never runs his hands through it.

It’s only when I’m curled up on his chest, my head placed in the center of his warmth, that he reaches down and pets me. It’s better than anything. I instantly get lost in a mix of emotion and lust and sensation and sleepiness. I don’t want to move. I especially don’t want him to stop. When I drift off like that, well fucked or not, I sleep the soundest.

I could use a good sleep right now.


Because I’ve yoinked the name, I feel obliged to mention a great organization that makes wigs for children with cancer from donated hair. If you’re in need of a haircut and want to help, check out Locks of Love.

3 Responses to “locks of lust.”

  1. 1 Daloo3a

    I loveeee when my bf plays with my hair, it’s like nothing else in the world matters.. nothing.

  2. The best is when they grab your head during sex and pull at your hair. I heard that different sections of your hair are linked to different sections of your body. The part that (supposedly) is linked to your pussy/dick is the very back of your hair right above your neck. Have homeboy pull it for you.

  3. 3 dragonmage

    Luvbunny loves it when I pull her hair during sex or play. Our favorite position to watch a movie is for Me to sit half sideways at the end of the sofa with one leg stretched out and the other hanging off the front, then she lies on her side and puts her head in My lap. She purrs and melts when I play with her hair then.
    Oh, thanks for linking to Me! ^_^ (I’ve got you added to My blogroll as of today.)

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