admission #2.


I’m a little fuzzy right now.

I’m not sure how I’m going to handle not having Homeboy so conveniently located nearby. I feel a bit like Frank-n-furter from The Rocky Horror Picture Show — I’ve built my sex toy, tailored everything to how I like it, trained him how to touch and talk to me, only to have to leave him.

He looked so sexy today, in his jeans and cotton t-shirt, arm muscles poking out from under the short sleeves, while he lounged amidst his air of nonchalance and cradled my chin in his hands. He managed to untie all my knots with just a simple fuck. I’ve grown rather fond of him, despite my initial hesitation and complaints. I’m afraid things were so contrived at the beginning because we were both bored with the lack of kink but too cautious to say anything. Now that we’ve unwound a bit, I’m afraid I’ll actually miss him.


One Response to “admission #2.”

  1. 1 GorgeousSexyVixen

    Once you’ve trained em’ they’ll never leave. Trained guys are like muscle memory, or riding a bike, they’re always there to fall back on. Take advantage of him before you leave him, and if you ever do come back, a phone call is all it will take to get another piece of the current fruit of choice.

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