girl in heat.


Every month, I get deliciously horny for about a week. I’m usually pretty wet on a daily basis, but for a few days every month my panties are perpetually coated in my dripping fluids.  Every other thought turns to sex, partners, tastes and smells. I squirm in my chair at my desk, crossing my legs to contain myself. I hurry back to my bed so that I can strip down and masturbate. Lovers can wait ’till later — their time will surely come. Usually soon after I do.

Like clockwork, the desire quickly switches out for intense, mind numbing, exhausting migraines. What little energy I have is spent forcing myself through the motions of daily life. By the time I finish all (or at least most) of my responsibilities, what little effort I can muster up is spent on dragging myself into bed and hiding under the covers.

A few days later, I’ll feel fine again and then I’ll find that big red X marked on my calendar, reminding me that it’s time to throw in the pantie liners and buy myself a pint of Ben & Jerry’s New York Super Fudge Chunk. I have a few lovers who don’t mind the bit of extra red lube they find in my pussy, but for the most part I’m too self conscious and insane to even want them near me.

Last week, I spent every moment of every day thinking about getting laid, being tied up, getting smacked around and longing for dirty talk. I went through a set of batteries, several towels and all my favorite porn sites. Now comes the migraine.

Don’t even think about bitching at me for not writing.

5 Responses to “girl in heat.”

  1. You say you’re wet on a daily basis … do you mean, you’re WET on a DAILY basis? I have this problem of being perpetually soaked whether I’m aroused or not, and apparently it’s genetic because my sister went to the doctor for it when she was twelve. I even squirt sometimes when I’m walking up or down hills. Of course, I’m also aroused quite a bit … probably more than I notice. But just wondering if it’s the same type of thing.

  2. No, I don’t have that. I’m just perpetually aroused.

  3. 3 omarmookie

    Despite a gender difference I find myself seeing a lot of me in you minus the migraines. Thanks to the link to my blog sprayradius.

  4. 4 collegehookerboy

    I wish I had your sex drive. Mines slowly cuming back. Its like a little minnow calmly swimming around in a tide pool – as opposed to your giant, thrashing, finless shark.

  5. I am in the migraine stage of that same cycle. It is so not fun!

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