notes from limbo.


I’m unbelievably and uncontrollably attracted to Jonathan, aka Pizza Boy. I feel a bit like I’ve been struck by a frying pan. Maybe it’s the suddenness I’m referring to. This has all set in so quickly. I’ll be really glad to get away from everything and just have a summer full of mind-numbing violent sex. I can’t deal with this drama.

Despite the sudden influx of interested/interesting males in my life, I’ve been going solo and
have generally been pleased. I make a little Pro/Con list in my head for each new man I meet, and the final con (and bottom line) is always the same for all of them: He’s not HIM.

The bar has been set really high. Not only is it hard to beat what I have with Him, I’ve also made a whole slew of promises to myself that I refuse to break:

  1. No more relationships with losers.
  2. No more relationships without actually knowing the person first.
  3. No more relationships with people who like me more than I like them.
  4. No more virgins or semi-virgins.
  5. Fuck trying to break out of my tall-skinny-white-boy fetish.

Apologies for my scatterbrained-ness. I need to find someone to beat this out of me.

3 Responses to “notes from limbo.”

  1. 1 God

    While not exactly relevant to the rest of your post, I agree with number five. I love me some skinny white boys.

  2. 2 Ed

    i Love the trying pan feeling. Hope you find someone to beat this out of you too.

  3. 3 collegehookerboy

    Me and you should start fucking. It would satisfy your unending, oceanic horniness – and I’d get paid. Just kidding, you wouldn’t have to pay.

    There are a lot of hims out there. Believe me.

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