night terrors.


It’s 2am and I’m still dressed, laying on my bed, checking my e-mail and waiting for exhaustion to sink in. I have my headphones on so I don’t hear the door creak open, but I look up in time to see him closing it behind him. He kicks off his sandals and rips off his shirt, showing me his 6-pack abs as he lifts the laptop and sets it on the chair by my bed, placing my headphones on top. Before I have time to process, he’s on top of me, running his hands through my hair, kissing my neck and the parts of my breasts that flow over the top of my shirt. The hunger burns in his eyes and lights my own.

Seamlessly, he pulls off my clothes, rubbing his fist up and down his shaft as he stares at my naked body, admiring my curves. Then he’s on top of me, my legs on his shoulders. He’s thrusting into me and I’m grasping his back, moaning and pulling him deeper inside of me. We come together and fall into a twisted mass, limbs entwined and lips locked.

He follows me into the shower, caressing me as the scorching water falls on our bodies. We don’t talk but we don’t need to. We throw on our clothes and he kisses my forehead and leaves. Here and gone, so quickly. My night rapist. My incubus.

I close my eyes. I’m out for the night.

One Response to “night terrors.”

  1. 1 max

    short, hot and to the point. i like it very much.

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