warm and wet.


Homeboy and I argued last night about which was louder: my screams or the smacks on my ass that caused them. I swore it was me; I just can’t resist being hogtied and blindfolded and feeling his cock slowly make its way past my lower lips. The two of us were in a bubble. In our own world. Conscious only of the electricity that surged in the space between our bodies, sparking when we touched. Our kisses were slow, deep. He took control and used my body like a toy, adjusting me to suit himself better. After 10 minutes, my fingers and toes began to tingle. After 20, they were hot and after half an hour they were numb.

I don’t remember exactly how things happened. He was smacking my ass — I could feel the heat emanating from the places his palms touched. He called me a whore, begged me to cum, laughed when I finally did. He dehydrated me, and after I told him there was no more cum left inside me, he pounded into me and coaxed out a few last surges. He tore off his condom and sprayed his hot, sticky ejaculate  all over my body. Rubbed it into my chest. Climbed off of me and threw a roll of paper towels at me, as if I could see them despite my blindfold and use them despite my hands being tied to my feet. I rolled over and hit my head against his window, barely hearing the clunk of my skull against the glass and certainly unaware of the quickly cooling wet bedsheets that I laid upon.

He climbed next to me and took off the blindfold, not that it mattered — my eyes stayed closed for at least another 20 minutes as I came down from the orgasm-induced high. I don’t remember being untied or the conversation that took place, although I was assured later that both happened. All I remember is the warmth of the blanket as he covered me and the blazing hot sensation as the blood returned to my limbs.

4 Responses to “warm and wet.”

  1. 1 fun2try2 yahoo

    I havent tried this sort of level of passion. I have had some very sensual moments but looks like I will need to jump in if I am to get there. My sex partner would be willing as far as i know. so.. just might give it a try.

  2. I recommend trying if it’s something you think you might be interested in. Worst that could happen is that you decide to stop. Best of luck!

  3. 3 maura

    It sounds like things could get HOT here.

  4. 4 maura

    I don’t know. I don’t know if I could feel that I couldn’t respond with the things that were coursing throug my body!! I like to participate. Maybe my feet could be tied but I wouldn’t like the hurting me. I’m afraid I would concentrate on the hurting instead of the enjoyment. I really love the love my lover and I share!! It’s up in the clouds as it is. I would like to try some toys and some more low level things. I haven’t tried getting this high yet. Maybe it would be so good I’d love it. My sex partner and I do like trying now things.

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