wishful dreaming.


He met me at the corner and carried my bag up the four flights of stairs to his apartment. We passed awkward, hungry glances at each other as we almost-silently climbed the stairs. We didn’t need to speak — we both knew what was coming. Several weeks worth of tension had slowly built until the urgency caught in my chest. What awaited was the culmination of shared fantasies and sexy musings and neither of us wanted to wait another minute.

He told me to go to his room and take off my clothes. Doe-eyed, I stared up at him as I complied and he watched. I could feel myself shaking with anticipation of his tantalizing touch. Soon, that touch came.

He’d prepped the bed and bought new restraints for my limbs, which he quickly made use of. The X of my body centered on his bed, my hips propped on pillows. Then came the blindfold.

He traced patterns on my body with his fingers. His tongue. An ice cube. A knife. As each texture changed, my skin pricked and became more sensitive. He brushed a finger over my cunt, testing my wetness and rubbing it down my breast so I could feel. My hips bucked. He rubbed my core again, this time lingering on my clit, as I tried in vain to slide myself onto his finger. Before I had a chance, he pinned my wrists with his knees and shoved his rock hard cock into my mouth.

I flicked my tongue around the head of his penis. Gradually taking him deeper and deeper into my throat until I couldn’t breathe and he couldn’t push in any further. My tongue swept his balls, and I firmly pressed it against his shaft, swirling it in slow, tight circles until I heard him moan. Then I sucked hard and quickly, drawing him closer and closer to orgasm. I opened my eyes as I felt him thrust into my throat, expelling his his hot cum down my esophagus, and I watched his face scrunch and relax as he released more of his load.

When he finished, he reached one hand down and quickly brought me to orgasm, flicking my g-spot until my muscle spasms pushed his hand, and my cum, out. Abruptly he stopped, tore my blindfold and right arm cuff off and shoved a glass of water under my nose.

“Drink up” he said, “I’m not going to stop later because you’re dehydrated.”

I gulped down the drink as he watched, pulled the blindfold back over my eyes, and slid my wrist back in its cuff, back in that all too exposed position we’re both so fond of. I laid back and moaned as he moved back in, shut my eyes tight and hoped the dream would never end. It was then I realized I was already awake.

2 Responses to “wishful dreaming.”

  1. 1 GorgeousSexyVixen

    “Before I had a chance, he pinned my wrists with his knees and shoved his rock hard cock into my mouth.” SluttyDuckling, is this a new “mouth fucking” fantasy? Hard items thrust into my mouth, ehh, I’d rather go and take it for myself than have it “thrust” in, real chicks ride on top !

  2. 2 The Slutty Duckling

    That’s why you’re a dom and I’m a sub. I often grab it for myself, but I can’t ever resist a cock.

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