I’m a lot colder than I have been in a long while. Not to say that I’ve ever truly been that cold to begin with, but I’m usually a decent enough person not to mess with other people’s hearts. Or egos. After spending 4 days tied to his bed, moaning and screaming and sweating my way to dehydration, you have been the farthest thing from my mind. Every waking moment has been spent plotting ways to get back there. Under his command. You’d never guess it but he knows how to make a woman beg for abuse. Yet through it all he stays poised. Composed. Always meticulously matching parts of my body to segments of his fantasies. Coaxing out every drop of my sex despite its seemingly endless supply. Nothing compares.

I lost myself for 15 minutes last night while he spent the other 45 of it running around my head. Almost reluctantly I forced myself to go for a romp just to try to push him out from behind my eyes. You kissed me and your wormy tongue felt foreign in my mouth. You touched my skin and I nearly threw you off of me. I’m sorry, I just can’t take you being nice and sweet to me while I envision him beating and biting and teasing me. It makes me wet, but not for you. If this is going to keep up, you need to buy some lube. You’re not worth the agitation.

You pummeled into me for an hour; I was only there for a quarter of it. And even for those 15 minutes I was lost in the navy blue folds of orgasm, far away from your wire frame bed and 6 pack abs. I left your place, hazily found my way back to mine, and spent the next few hours with one hand on my breasts, the other on my clit, and the image of him worshiping my body plastered to the back of my eyelids.

One Response to “cold.”

  1. Mhmmm. Id put one hand on my breast and one on my clit if my May-uhn (Man) could do that for me. Tres hot and well written.

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